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What Makes Us Different

DreamingCode serves over 750 customers. Our philosophy is to treat each client as a partner, so we can work with them to achieve their cloud and eCommerce goals. DreamingCode's open cloud platform and services work seamlessly across mobile, desktop, and tablets to provide the best user experience.
With the experience from over 5000 individual projects, we've learned a thing or two about providing cloud solutions by executing design, managed hosting, ecommerce, social media, and other industry best practices and tactics that can't be disclosed online. We're confident when we say, "We know what we're doing."
Our team is made up of individuals with all kinds of backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common: commitment to our clients. That's why we offer our Radical Support Promise. All of our team members have the tools to deliver the service that we've guaranteed. We're available 24x7x365 to make sure our services are running smoothly, and if they aren't someone will be waiting behind a computer screen or on the other line to get things running smoothly again. No excuses, no exceptions.

Radical SupportSM

Over 750 customers trust DreamingCode. With the open cloud, our Radical Support is now available everywhere.

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Posted By: Kim Marschner
As the bard said, "The times, they are a'changin'." Initially, being a niche market was great because you were it, the go-to business for something. Then other companies started disappearing, bought out, acquired being the polite term. Consumed basically defined it. What seemed be the biggest consumer was Amazon. Companies either partnered with them for promotion and delivery of their products and if they took a hit now and then with a sale, "you made it up on volume."